Gypsum Dunes, White Sands National Monument

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This photograph is one in a series of iconic American southwest road trip photos by Peter Thody from 2010 USA road trip. The focus of this set of images from a Great American Roadtrip White Sands National Monument, just south of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Photos include Alkali Flat Trail, Altocumulus clouds, dunes, grasses, interdune flats, the rippled gypsum sands, picnic table, reflections in the water from recent rainfall, plant life including soaptree yuccas and yucca seed pods and the beautiful San Andres Mountains, . Prints are available for purchase. Please contact Peter Thody.

This is the link to the official National Park Service website. The White Sands National Monument is open every day, all year round - details here - although it does close for short periods due to missile testing.

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