Heat Haze, US Route 90, Texas

A solitary vehicle reflects in the heat haze of a Texan sun, US Route 90

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This photograph is one in a series of iconic American southwest road trip photos by Peter Thody from 2010 USA road trip: on-the-road images from across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona - photographs from a Great American Road Trip through Southwest USA including sunrise in Marfa, atmospheric dawn road shots near Terlingua ghost town, Fort Worth, Mingus Mountain, Guadalupe Mountains, heat haze on Route 66, Big Bend National Park, series of photographs of Carrizozo Grizzlies school bus, Freightliner on Interstate 17, Chuck's Folly gas station, wide open blue skies, two-lane blacktops disappearing to the horizon, open road and National and State Highways. Prints are available for purchase. Please contact Peter Thody.

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