Plastic Beads, Grave Marker, Terlingua GhostTown, TX

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This photograph is one in a series of iconic American southwest road trip photos by Peter Thody from 2010 USA road trip. The theme of this set of images from a Great American Roadtrip across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona is dead, death, abandonment, rot, decay and rust in the American Southwest. Photos include adobe and stone buildings Terlingua Ghost Town, graveyard / cemetery in Terlingua ghost town, grave markers, AMARC (The Boneyard) mothballed USAF airforce airplanes in the Tucson desert, Mission Xan Javier, Deputy Sheriff's office in Langtry, auto-scrapyard / junkyard in the UFO town of Roswell, decaying yellow school bus, wooden Christian crosses in a graveyard, roadkill turkey vulture, nooses/gallows in Tombstone, Arizona, Fort Stanton Merchant Marine and Military Cemetery. Prints are available for purchase. Please contact Peter Thody.

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